I began using magnesium {in the citrate form} on a regular basis in 2013 after being diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome {Complex Regional Pain Syndrome}. It was recommended by my health care provider to


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#TBT to #CHFAEast last weekend - big thank you to CNHR Magazine for dropping by the booth!Always a pleasure to spend time with our friends from @kardishfoodsGreat to see everyone at the PLV booth this weekend! Thank you all for visiting!!! 😄 #chfaeast2016Acne and acidity? September 19th-25th is Acne Awareness Week. Decreasing stress, incorporating exercise and consuming a diet containing lower glycemic index foods are great tools to help manage acne. Alkapure may be a great complement to decrease overall acidity and get your system in a more alkaline state where acne has less of a chance to thrive.

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